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PATLITE – SK Rotating / SL Flashing / SF Multi-function Beacon Series

Complete lineup in our Beacon Series that shows off the best in rotating, flashing and multi-function features.

Patlite LA6 PoE Signal Tower

The LA6-POE Signal Tower Light Series is the latest addition to the PATLITE network-connected signaling line. The LA6-POE is the first-ever, programmable, multi-color, LED Signal Tower with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, featuring a built-in web interface for quick and easy configuration over your network and 21 distinct LED colors and 11 alarms. No matter the scale of your project or the complexity of your requirements, the LA6-POE provides the flexibility needed to solve any application.

Learn more about the LA6-POE Series –

PATLITE- LR Series - LR Product Introduction (En)

Introducing PATLITE's new Signal Tower, the LR Series. The LR Series is available in sizes of 40, 50, 60 and 70mm in diameter, and is a stackable Signal Tower, allowing the user to recombine and re-stack the LR.




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